"Arctic Dialogue in the Global World" Joint Science and Education Conference


Buryat State University invites you to take part in Arctic Dialogue: Joint Science and Education Conference (June 16-17, 2015), which will be held within Council meeting of the University of the Arctic. The Conference brings together interested scientists, politicians, academics, business people, PhD and postgraduate students from all over the world.



  • Topical medical issues in Arctic region development.

    Kirsi Latola, Director of UArctic Thematic Networks Office

    Vladimir Khitrikheev, Director of Medical Institute, BSU

    Sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity in the northern territories.

    Kari Laine, UArctic Vice-President Research

    Bair Gomboev, Head of Department of Economics and Social Geography, BSU

    Economic development of the northern territories: partnership of business, universities and the state.

    Lars Kullerud, UArctic President, and Marina Kalinina, UArctic Vice-President Interregional Cooperation

    Vitaly Burov, Director of Institute of Economics and Management, BSU

  • Traditional lifestyle, culture and language exchange of indigenous peoples of the North.

    Keith Chaulk, UArctic Vice-President Indigenous

    Polina Dashinimaeva, Director of Institute of Philology and Mass Communications, BSU

    Elizaveta Afanasyeva, Head of Department of Languages of Siberian Indigenous Peoples, BSU

    Environmental risk management and technologies of northern regions development.

    John Eichelberger, UArctic Vice-President Academic

    Vasily Lutsyk, Professor Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, BSU

    Education for sustainable development in the Arctic.

    John Eichelberger, UArctic Vice-President Academic

    Svetlana Yun-Khai, Vice-Director of Pedagogical Institute, BSU

  • Informational technologies in the development and exploration of Arctic territories.

    Kari Laine, UArctic Vice-President Research, and Kirsi Latola, Director of UArctic Thematic Networks Office

    Fedor Khandarov, Head of Department of Information Technologies, BSU


For booking please contact the reservation desk. Be sure to mention your taking part in UArctic Forum for a discount.

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  • Old Believers (Bolshoi Kunalei village)

      Welcome speech for guests at the foot of "Sleeping Lion" mountain

      Excursions to the Old Believers Museum, the ancient Orthodox Church

      Bolshoi Kunalei folk show

      Traditional Old Believers` customs

      Traditional cuisine – lunch

      Guided tour to Bolshoi Kunalei village

  • "Steppe Nomad" Tourist Complex

      Buryat traditional greeting

      Excursion around the complex

      Encounter Buryat traditions, dwelling of XIX – XX centuries

      Lunch: traditional cuisine

      Folk show. Traditional games:

      - Buryat game "shagai naadan"

      - archery

      - horse-riding, camel-riding

      - national costumes shooting

      National dance Yokhor

  • The National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia

      The National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia is one of the largest museums in Siberia, a depository of cultural and historic treasures of Buryatia’s people. The National museum includes the Museum of Buryatia’s History named after M. N. Khangalov, and the Republican Arts Museum named after Ts. S. Sampilov. The Museum of Buryatia’s History collections contain archeological finds, unique vessels from the ancient Ivolginsky Hun settlement, unique rarities of Central Asian culture – "The Atlas of Tibetan medicine", Buddhist initial treatises, a collection of Buddhist literature, poetic compositions of Indian, Tibetan, Mongolian and Buryat authors. Another pride of the museum – Ostrozhnaya Bible" (1580) published by the first Russian book-printer Ivan Fyodorov, "Buddhist Art" exhibition sculpture and painting by masters of Buryatia, China, India, Tibet, Japan. Collections of the Arts Museum contain painting, graphics, sculpture, applied arts and jewelry. Permanent expositions of the museum are "Russian art in the XVIII-XX centuries", "Buryat fine arts in the 1920-50s", "Arts and crafts of Buryatia" (wood and bone carving, tapestries), "The people’s soul in the triumphant song of silver" (unique silverware made by Buryat silversmiths in the XX century), "Geseriada's Faces" (works of Buryatia’s artists devoted to "Geser" - Buryat epic). Fine arts by Buryat masters deserve a special mention: you will surely be impressed by distinctive works of Dashi Namdakov, Zhamso Radnayev, Alla Tsybikova, Zorikto Dorzhiyev.

  • Buddhist Сenter "Rinpoche Bagsha" Datsan

      Buddhist Сenter "Rinpoche Bagsha" Datsan ("datsan" – Buddhist temple or monastery) was opened in Lysaya Gora area of Ulan-Ude in 2000. The monastery was built with the blessing from his Holiness Dalai Lama. Russia's biggest statue of Buddha Sakya-Muni - 6 m. high, made of bronze and covered with gold - stands in this temple. Around the temple you can see Buddhist stupas – architectural structures symbolizing the nature of Buddha's enlightened mind. When you walk around the temple and worship the stupas, you acquire numerous merits and wisdom, as the main purpose of a stupa is to help living beings get rid of negative manifestations and enhance positive ones. The Bell of Four Seals - the biggest in Russia Buddhist bell - is another pride of this datsan. Streletskaya St., 1 tel. 48-52-72

  • Venue

    "Republic of Buryatia"


    The republic’s capital city Ulan-Ude is located in the valley of the Selenga and the Uda rivers, between the mountain ridges of Khamar-Daban and Ulan-Burgasy about 130 km from Lake Baikal. Today Ulan-Ude is an important commercial and industrial center of Eastern Siberia. Its population today is 400 thousand people. A modern airport and the Trans-Siberian Railway connect Ulan-Ude with the cities of Russia, Ulaan-Baatar in Mongolia, and Manchuria and Beijing in China. The time zone is GMT+8 or Moscow+5. All trains going along the Trans-Siberian stop in Ulan-Ude. It takes 5 hours by plane from Moscow, alternatively, you can take a train and it’ll take about 4 days from Moscow, or 2 days from Beijing. Irkutsk is 7 hours by train from Ulan-Ude.

    "Buryat State University"

    Buryat State University is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Siberia. The University is located in Ulan-Ude, in 130 km distance from the Lake Baikal. Today Buryat State University is a systematical educational establishment, training specialists for all kinds of organizations operating in the fields of education, science, management, economy, healthcare, social welfare, etc. Historical background of the University and its present-day structural organization provided for creation of a powerful educational, scientific and cultural network with dynamic connections within Russia and abroad. BSU has signed cooperation agreements with more than 80 foreign universities, colleges and other educational institutions from Europe, Asia and America. The University participates in various programs, such as exchange of students and teachers. It conducts international seminars and conferences, realizes joint educational and research projects, etc.

    Science Department, Buryat State University, 4a Ranzhurova street, Ulan-Ude 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

    +7 (3012) 297-163


    International Relations Department, Buryat State University, 24a Smolina street, Ulan-Ude 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

    +7 (3012) 21-18-64